Here are some services I can provide:


 Art installation  (Hanging framed art).

Clothes Closet Enhancement: 

Design & Installation of Drawer Units, Shelves & Hanging Rods.

Custom design and construct architectural trim work. 

Re-caulking counter tops & shower bases.

Wall and door repairs

Small remodel projects

Custom TV Wall Mounting

Custom designed & built-in  bookcases/shelving.

Complete unfinished projects.    

Complete lingering Punch Lists.

Something else you would like completed?


I can do lots of things but am most effective for you doing small projects that contractors do not want to bother with.  I work by myself so I cannot take on very large projects.  I endeavor to  work quietly so not to bother children, pets or people working from home.  I clean up after myself so I do not add to your work. 

My purpose is to make your life easier by handling projects you want completed without creating additional work or bother for you.